With the weather turning colder, the rides and the stuffed prizes have all gone into hibernation and most of the shops and food stalls have pulled down their security gates for the season - Egad!, even the Nathan’s boardwalk eatery is shuddered. It’s only mid-November, but already it’s down to a couple of tee shirt shops, a small boardwalk bar and one outdoor food joint still valiantly serving up pizza and sausage and pepper heroes. So, too, have most of the crowds retreated indoors. There are still some hearty fresh air lovers strolling up and down the boardwalk; but at this point, it’s rare to see anyone sitting on a bench killing off an afternoon. Why would they? In weather like this, now down into the 40’s and a stiff winter wind occasionally joining the fun, it’s smart to keep moving. When people do sit, it’s usually for a short pit stop, to tie a shoe or to momentarily scroll through their selfies. As for my own “Scenes from a bench” project, what I mostly see if and when the benches are occupied are single or double blobs of black winter coats, faces and all other flesh hidden behind pyramids of goose down and scarves. Its getting hard to even spot a bit of color, as everyone’s wardrobe has moved on to New York’s winter palette of dark and drab. And this is still just November! I’ve got probably five more months of what looks like declining creative opportunity. So the challenge is on. And while the opportunities for a great image will be presenting itself in ever-decreasing numbers, I have a funny feeling the chance for a rare gem out there will be even greater. No remotely cliche “boardwalk moments” till spring, I suspect. In its place, who knows. But I do like the sound of that. So, I’ll just keep walking, looking, and trying to keep warm. If anything epic presents itself, you’ll be the first to know.