This started out as an exercise to see how many interesting and thought-provoking compositions I could capture on the Coney island benches. And that’s still my primary focus. But the more I traipse up and down the boardwalk, the farther afield I’m forced to look. Two people on a bench curiously looking away from each other? Got that. Lovers sprawled one on top of the other? Yup. Overcrowded bench? Solo sun worshiper? Sleeper? Funny outfit? Odd couple? Old couple? Got em all. So at a certain point, you have to start looking for the subtleties. A telling expression. An unusual shape. Something in the background or foreground. A deeper story. On the benches and on the boardwalk, too. Just keep going further and further afield, and things just keep getting more interesting and more surprising. Shooting Coney Island is like digging for treasure when it’s buried everywhere. You just have to look, first where you think it is, then after you’re pretty sure you’ve found it all, look under another rock, go dig somewhere else. There’s always more, if you look hard enough and go past the obvious places. And sometimes you’re looking right at it, if you choose to notice it. That’s my experience, anyway.