Coney Island can certainly give Times Square a run for its money when it comes to photo ops and camera toting tourists. Cell phones everywhere, of course. But plenty of “real” cameras, too, and even a fair amount of organized shoots. Here are the top ten things I see people taking photos of along the Coney Island boardwalk, and therefore, the top 10 things I try hard to resist: 10) Exterior signage of Tom’s Coney Island Restaurant (for some unknown reason); 9) Rides, various, every; 8) People dancing to the boardwalk DJs; 7) posted Coney Island boardwalk maps; 6) The garbage drums (they’re painted with Coney Island-theme imagery); 5) Sea gulls (they’re big and fat); 4) Various buskers; 3) Nathan’s signage, or really, Nathan’s anything; 2) The Cyclone (it’s like a camera magnet); and 1) (by far) Themselfies.