Some days, when I go through the shots I’ve taken, I’ll get a wonderful surprise. A gift. Maybe somebody stepped in front of me and delivered a little unexpected magic. Maybe I’ll catch a particularly telling facial expression I never noticed at the time. But there are also days where I feel that I’ve captured a treasure trove of cool images, or at least a handful of keepers - lots of people out in the sun, lots of activity along the benches - but then I go through my hundred or so hopeful images... and it’s just a hundred boring shots. Why is that? Wishful thinking? Maybe I was a nanosecond too late, or mistook a bright display of color or a crazy pair of sunglasses for something interesting, or just didn’t notice all the distractions in the scene. Maybe something got in the way that I can’t simply retouch out. Or, maybe I was just hoping, and kidding myself. But the image doesn’t lie. 

Nothing. Oh well. Next time.