Determining where the boundary lies with digital retouching is a personal decision, I guess. For me, it’s acceptable to declutter, to beautify, to stylize even, but not to rewrite. In other words, if it changes the narrative in any way, that’s a line I don’t want to cross. But, of course, exactly where that line sits is not always clear. This particular photograph had a fifth member of the cast sitting on the bench, but he was looking off to the side, and I was mesmerized by the other camera-facing three, who all seemed to be looking straight into the camera, or more accurately I suppose, straight at the photographer, with what appears to be an accusatory eye. The other guy, for me, spoiled the moment. So, bye bye. Still not sure if I broke my own rule on this one, it’s a close call; but it definitely makes for a much more compelling shot, so in the end, I took the liberty. May I not burn in hell.