So, what’s a bustling beachside amusement area like in the dead of winter, when everything is closed and the temperature drops into the 20’s? Well, the word “quiet” certainly comes to mind. And did I mention that the NFL playoffs are in full swing, presenting another very good reason to confine your weekend entertainment options to whatever can be viewed from your sofa. But off I go. As I settle into a seat on the Coney Island-bound subway, I fully expect the boardwalk to have all the makings of a post-apocalyptic stage set featuring zero actual humans. But my quest is the same - to find at least one great moment that I can capture, one more telling image that adds to the story of this unique place. So that’s today’s challenge, in two parts: come back unfrozen, and come back with one image that might surprise you and provide yet another insight into what makes Coney Island Coney Island - even in winter. Bye. Check back with you later.

(Two hours later...) I have to say, I was surprised to see a fair amount of people scattered up and down the boardwalk, though, as is becoming  typical of this time of year, few were choosing to sit on a bench and freeze their butts off. Better to keep moving. So overall, a quiet day for “Meet Me on a Bench.” But just as I was leaving, I caught this image of an aspiring ballerina and friends taking what I assumed were publicity shots. The boardwalk seems to have unlimited potential as a backdrop. Fashion shoots, music videos, publicity shots, promotional photos and videos... seen them all. But ballet? That’s the thing. You just never know.